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Secondary (KS3, KS4, GCSE entry)


All pupils follow core units of work that are differentiated to meet individual learning needs. Maths and English are prioritised in the first instance, but as each pupil’s hour’s increase, Science then other subjects are introduced too, to provide a broad range of learning. The secondary curriculum is led by a teacher with 25 years of experience at senior level in a local secondary school.

Lessons are taught in a pupil’s home, in their local library or remotely, using Microsoft teams, depending on circumstances and what suits their needs best. We know that our pupils will arrive with a diverse range of skills and sometimes there will be gaps in their knowledge, exacerbated by absences from school. We are prepared for this and equipped to address the many issues this might throw up. Pupils are assessed on entry and lessons are differentiated accordingly, using attractive resources that meet individual learning needs. Our pupils make excellent progress and grow in confidence as a result, eager to return to school.

KS4 - GCSE entry

Pupils in KS4 follow the AQA syllabus for English, English Literature, and Science. They follow the Edexcel syllabus for Maths. When pupils join us partway through Year 10 or 11, they continue to follow the syllabus used in their school. Additional ‘option’ subjects are available. Pupils currently

Education Stages

Education stages are delivered online and face-to-face, using Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing platforms. We email lessons for pupils who prefer to avoid social contact. If pupils do not use online system’s we make sure we hand deliver the work to their door.

Primary KS1 and KS2

Active TT provides effective programme of re-engagement and tuition in blocks of six - eight weeks.

Secondary KS3, KS4 and GCSE entry

Pupils follow the National Curriculum programme of study.

Post 16 education KS5

A-level courses are currently offered in English, Maths, History, Sociology, Psychology, Music and Science. Additional subjects can be delivered on request.

Vocational Study

Active TT provides a broad curriculum and vocational courses are offered when pupils request it and they are deemed appropriate to their particular needs.

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